Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gracie Got the Jinkum Blues, Y'all

FAIR WARNING: IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY BATHROOM HUMOR TURN BACK NOW!!! ok so I was in the bathroom peeing, and Gracie comes in and jumps on the back of the toilet, she has never been up there before so she got a little over excited with that and then I stood up and was bent over pulling my pants up and she stuck her nose where it CERTAINLY DOES NOT BELONG and she absolutely lost her mind!! She jumped down, ran in the living room, jumped on the couch and kept spitting (something she often does when over excited) and hopping around wide eyed crazy eyed running amok spazzing out. I was laughing about that and the thought that she quite possibly was freaking out over having her nose in my taint then Barry said it was the jinkum which I never heard of before and while he explained it to me (you people do NOT want to know but if you do google it)I was literally on the floor not able to stand up from laughing so hard. I am still laughing right now as I write this. Y'all just don't know how my brain works seriously I got issues and am probably gonna need hernia surgery from laughing so hard.