Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is How My Brain Works, or How Twisted Am I?

Ok a while back B and I went to see the parents (mine) and my daddy is now making knives with deer antler handles,they're very nice, anyways on the way home I was playing that game "what's in the box, bag, bucket, or barrel, you know that game where you try to guess which body parts might be in the boxes, bags, buckets, or barrels you see tossed on the side of the road? I usually only end up with lots of heads or arms and legs, but not a lot of torsos (sp?) Anyways I was playing and then I got bored since I hadn't noticed any torso sized receptacles, and my mind drifted to thinking about all the dead deer (Bless their hearts) just lying about. Well then I start thinking how I wish I could get their antlers for my daddy cause that sure would make him smile! I'm thinking about how I could get out there with a knife or hatchet and get some antlers then I think, man if someone saw this short gimped up hunch backed girl out there hacking antlers off the dead deer, my what a sight I bet that would freak people out! So then I think what if I got out there and had fake blood all over my face and hands and maybe had a blood capsule and bit it so I had blood coming from my mouth and turned and smiled as the cars whizzed I tell B all of this and he says "No don't smile it would look scarier if you just stared and kinda held up your hatchet. " I tell y'all I love that man more than coffee AND chocolate!!! So tell me dear readers (of which I think I have one) how twisted am I??

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  1. You're twisted, that's why I love you! But seriously, when was the last time you saw a deer with antlers, dead on the road? I don't know that I ever have. I guess the bucks are smart enough to look before they cross... LOL