Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love V.S. Lust

I have been thinking back on past relationships the last few days. At the moment I am in a wonderfully loving relationship with my soul mate, but before Barry (or BB if you like) I had some doozies (and douchies). Let us start with my very first love, that loved me back,we'll call him "Dick "because that's what my friend called him because he knew I was with a "Tom, Dick, or Harry." So I met him at a training school for the disabled where I went to get secretary training. He had jet black hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. The first thing I noticed was how long his hair was cause I have a thing for long hair. He was so hot! I met him one day when I was sitting and staring into space feeling home sick. He walked by and said "hey, cheer up it can't be that bad." I just smiled. I stole him away from all the girls. We were volatile to say the least. He cheated all the time and was physically abusive,though I must admit I gave what I got in that department! I hit back. We had a child, and got married. I left him too many times to count but I always went back. He dislocated my jaw, I fractured his skull with a 1974 Nova car door. He slapped me around I kicked him in the nuts. What kept me going back? The hope he had changed, and sex. Sex was great with him. That's why he had so many affairs, 44 girls that I know of anyway! I finally left him and had a lot of one nighters and then I got sober. I met another guy who we'll call William. He was cute and sparks flew, but he was controlling. He didn't let me go anywhere or speak to anyone, he even purposely broke my car and left it at his uncle's house so I couldn't go anywhere. He was abusive to my daughter and one night I woke up to find him standing over her staring angrily. I was getting ready to leave him when I caught him cheating and he left me. Finally I found real love. The deep down to the bottom of your soul, this is the one love. He is so good to me. He's intelligent (something the others weren't) he's hilarious and I mean make you pee your pants funny, he's so handsome and just awesome. Always go for love,though it hasn't yet, lust will fade and passions will cool, but true, deep, lasting real love lasts!

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