Friday, July 19, 2013

Beep-Beep!! Danny Jones R.I.P.

Day before yesterday, my dear sweet friend Danny Jones passed away. I met Danny in 1993 in AA when I started going to meetigs in Milan, Tennessee. He was one of the first people to come up to me and introduce himself and welcome me to the group. He was one of the sweetest, funniest, most kind hearted people I have ever known. I would go to Greenfield and pick him up and take him to meetings or take him home afterwards because he didn't drive.He would reach over when I least expected it and goose me in the ribs yelling "BEEP-BEEP!!" And that would scare the crap out of me!! One night he did that and I almost ran off the road! He had had several strokes and heart attacks and lost a lot of his memory so he lived with his mother and did not drive. His mother was always watching what he ate and he was always sneaking food in that he was not supposed to be eating. He asked my sister and her husband at the time to bring him some B-rite chicken and put it in the mailbox one night and stood outside eating his mailbox chicken. One time he had a minor heart attack (is there really any such thing?) and was in the hospital in Martin when I was living there and going to school. He had called while I was at a meeting and left a message on my answering machine. He sounded terrible and desperate. "Terrie, please call me when you get home!!" I called him and he said "Yeah can you run over to Tony's before they close and get me a pizza with everything on it and bring it to me??" LOL I thought something was terribly wrong like another heart attack and he wanted a midnight pizza delivery to the CCU at the hospital!! I called the nurses desk and they said I could bring it so I took him a pizza at midnight. He had us also smuggle in a bag of O'Boisies potato chips while his mom was there and when she was in the bathroom we hid them under his night stand! He was always doing crazy stuff like that. There was a campout every year at Paris Landing and he rented a room at the hotel and let me and my daughter stay with him. I was in charge of giving him his meds. He grabbed the container and took what I thought was the whole days worth at one time!! Scared me silly! It was just one does of each med but man I was wigging! He was just so funny and so sweet and good hearted and my heart is hurting right now but I have so many funny memories of him. He will be missed. I loved him and pray his family has as many funny stories and memories as I do to comfort them.

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