Friday, August 23, 2013

Koala Bears are Evil

For a while now I have been trying to convince my dear friend that Koala bears are not some cute fuzzy little bear, they are pure, undiluted evil. They will sneak in your home at night and murder you, then rip your face off and wear it to trick your less intelligent friends and family members into letting them in so they can murder them, rip their faces off and wear their get the idea. Yesterday I was perusing Facebook and a friend of mine was watching Nat/Geo Wild and said there was something about Koala bears having chlamydia. That is right your heard me. CHLAMYDIA!! What is going on in the Koala community? And more importantly is this some new tactic to get people to think they are cute little victims of sexually transmitted disease? Something is up with those little tricksters and we need to be on our toes because the next thing you hear there will be a new strain of chlamydia going from koala bears to humans. I can't understand why no one sees their evil but me. Either way something wicked this way smells of eucalyptus and the clap. BEWARE!!!!

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