Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Never Judge a Book By The Cover

Growing up handicapped I was always picked last for any sport and I was made fun of on a daily basis. When I got old enough to wear makeup I made sure to learn how to do my makeup flawlessly. I loved seeing the difference when I was finished and since I never got invited out I would practice all the time doing different makeup techniques and cutting and styling my own hair. I also figured out that as long as I was inside my car I looked like a "normal " pretty girl. I would go out cruising and a few times boys who knew me would try to pick me up until they realized it was me (they usually didn't realize it until I pointed it out) . This caused an epiphany. No one much noticed my face when I was walking around because they were staring at the hump on my back. This led to a whole new set of insecurities and caused me to panic when a cute boy wanted me to get out of my car and talk. As soon as they saw all of me they were outta there most of the time. Now I'm getting older I've started realizing that the people who see me in my jeep parked in a handicap spot get angry and some have actually berated me for taking a spot I don't need. Then I get out of the jeep and they're put in their place and I smirk at them as I hobble into Walmart to get a scooter and shop. Here's the thing though.....I too am guilty of judging people by their "covers ". I think to myself "why is that huge man/woman in that scooter? " or "Being fat is not a handicap it's a choice!!" I get mad and think how I wish all I had to do to look great and be healthy is lose a few pounds! Here's where I am learning how wrong (and hypocritical) I really am acting. I realize now not everyone who is overweight is a glutton. The person I am judging may have health issues that cause them to be bigger. I am learning that if I don't want to be judged then I shouldn't judge others. It's a sometimes painful lesson. Soooooo the moral of today's story is....instead of making up a story about what you see on a person's outside, think about what could be on their inside because you want the same from those who might see and judge YOU!!!

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