Monday, April 8, 2013

facebook craziness

Ok here we are not passing out funny smelling business cards that knock women out so they can dream them off to rape parities, people are not making strawberry flavored meth to trick five year olds into smoking it,nor are they passing out LSD infused life savors to to kids (because LSD is expensive and five year olds can't enjoy the trip)I love Jesus, I do not love the devil but I kept scrolling. Also, if you want YOUR info to be private don't hover over MY name and click unsubscribe that will do nothing but remove me from your timeline, that means you won't see anything I post ever again AND THE ALIENS CAN STILL READ YOUR THOUGHTS!!! Please copy. And paste this and share with everyone on the interwebs or your neighbor's sister's, dogwalker's cousin's mailman's pet twig will die at midnight after clicking on a still photo and commenting "stop" to see what happens!!! Thank you and goodnight!!!

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