Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hilarious Hard Times

My life hasn't been easy by any means. I'm gimpy, I've been through so many surgeries that they know when I wake up in recovery to have a cup of coffee RIGHT THERE. True story they literally have a hot cup of coffee in hand when I wake up. Tonight's blog is not about my sucky health, it's about hard times I've been through financially. First let me say what everyone is thinking I'm going to say...there was this cute boy...yes,that's right I met a boy while I was at a training school for the handicapped. I looked up and saw him and that was it. I was in looooooove. Of course I'd never been kissed even (I was 19) because all the boys in paris, Tennessee, where I grew up called me scary Terrie and wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole.After meeting him I turned into a big skank and we were doing "it " everywhere! We got kicked out of school for me sneaking into his dorm while everyone was at dinner. Actually I got caught climbing out a second floor window and shimmying down a tree. We ended up living in an abandoned trailer with no power or water. Let me tell you we had no food, we had to poop in a bucket out back and all we did was sit around, or jump each others bones. It's a miracle I didn't get pregnant at that time! We moved into a tiny apartment after I got out of the hospital with a bad kidney infection. Same thing only we did have water and power. While I was pregnant we lived in a 2bedroom trailer with his mom, his mom's boyfriend, his sister, her two kids and 5 billion giant roaches! I ended up going home to my parents for a while then we moved to Smyrna, Tennessee and by then we had my daughter. That was the time of my potato famine. I had a 10lb bag of potatoes and ranch dressing. That's all I ate for a month. I've had my power turned off so much even now I start trying to figure out what church to call when the power flickers! I've been without food or money. Once my sister found $30.00 in food stamps and ran circles around the trailer hooting because I was down to eating dry parmesan with a spoon! Today I am blessed. I have anything I want to eat, drink, wear, read or do in this world. Make no mistake I have been poor as a church mouse and it was hard and painful, but I made it through and now I can look back and laugh because I'm still here!!

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