Monday, April 22, 2013

Trippin' Down Memory Ln OR Highway To My Own Private Hell

I know, I know it sounds very ominous and maybe it is just a tiny bit anyway. I know I keep promising you guys a funny post and I promise really promise to get it done maybe later today! I was up until 2:00 a.m. this morning hanging out with my beautiful daughter. (Yes we do that from time to time we're cool like that). She has found her half brother, just last week actually and she's very excited, as am I but, yes there's a but, I'm worried which is why I cannot sleep. I don't think she reads my blog so I am safe here saying I'm afraid.I'm afraid because she is going to go meet him and introduce him to their father and I'm afraid she's going to be disappointed, not in her brother,he seems like a wonderful young man, but in her father and how he behaves. I am also afraid because I'm going with her. I haven't seen him in years nor his family, who I adore. I am afraid because I don't want to cause tensions. I never know how her father will react around me. When we were together it was fire and fire until we exploded or burned each other out. We were either wrapped up in each other so tight nothing got through or throwing punches literally. I loved him so much. I still love him as a person and a piece of my past, I always will. I am not even the tiniest bit still in love with him, I have the most wonderful man in the world and I love him with every fiber and cell of my being so that's not an issue. I of course want to look good because, hey exhusband and possibly his girlfriend,yeah I gots to look good because that's what ya do when ya see your ex and his newish woman (they've been together for years). I'm excited because my daughter from another mother is graduating from UT Chattanooga and I will be there to see her finish a goal she's had since she was ten years old. I'm very proud of my Jazzy-J (Jasmine Meadows!!) That's the best part of the trip that and seeing my mother in law, Wendy whom I adore and my sister in law Janie and my sweet niece Ashley, but I'm so very nervous and worried. I love my daughter and I just worry. So here's hoping all goes well and he acts right. The best part about it is she found her brother..she's been looking for him for years. Facebook kinda rocks for that kind of thing. Anywhooooo I promise later today you'll get a funny post, but I had to vent! Someday I'll tell yguys the story of me and my ex and give you the funnier bits.

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