Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothering Part 3

Last fall I met someone that I have come to see as a mother figure. Her name is Carolyn and she is the sweetest, funniest woman. She moved into the apartment across the parking lot from me and I just knew when I saw her that I would like her so I went over and introduced myself. Almost every day since then I go over to her house or she comes to mine and we sit and talk and giggle. I have been taking pictures of nature and birds and have gotten her into looking for birds for me to photograph. We get out and go to the store some days or go hunting for barns to take pictures of and we have so much fun just riding around and acting silly. The first barn we found is what we call "our barn" and we go by there every time she goes with me to the doctor. We stop and get out of the jeep and smoke and look around. I have taken some wonderful pictures of the view through the window of the barn. We go on adventures to different places and she is one of my best friends. She is funny and silly and though some days we are not feeling so great we try to cheer each other up. I am blessed beyond measure with three mothers when most people only get one. I love you, Carolyn!! Happy Mother's Day!!

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