Sunday, February 17, 2013

Don't White Knight The Gimpy Girl

First let me explain the difference between "taking up for" someone and "white knighting." Taking up for someone is saying "hey leave them alone you're being a jerk!" White knighting is more like a back-handed compliment, like "hey leave them alone they can't help it that they're all crippled up and can't do anything!" You're telling them to leave me alone but calling me useless at the same time. Rude. I will give you an example of when someone was white knighting me. I was four years old and in a body cast. It was Halloween and I didn't get to go trick or treating. Our neighbor,( apparently in a drunken stupor I've recently discovered) decided that just would not do! Every passel of kids that came to her door had to follow her,staggering over to our side of the duplex and when we let them in she would point at a spot next to me on the floor (she was drunk lol) and yell at those kids "Look at that poor crippled girl!! Look at her!! She's crippled and can't go trick or treating like you can!! Give her some of your candy!!" Even though I got more candy that year than any other year I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl under something, but I had on a body cast and there was no place to hide! So, if you wanna take up for me be my guest but don't white knight the gimpy girl...she will cut you!

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