Thursday, February 14, 2013

My First Valentine's Day With Barry

Your first Valentine's Day with someone is always important ...the romance is fresh and new and it's all glowing smiles and sparkling first Valentine's Day with Barry started out rocky/hilarious. I had bought paper hearts, and made a big homemade card and hung above the bed, I painstakingly made a sweet trail of paper hearts from the front door to the bedroom where I had lit candles and put his gift on his desk. I waited and I heard him come in from work and waited for him to follow the trail ...and waited...and waited. I heard him stop outside the door thinking he was anticipating or excited but I hear instead muffled giggling. "What's so funny? I'm trying to be sexy here? " I thought to myself. I opened the door and he's standing there looking at the floor cracking up. I look and the cats have slapped the paper heart trail and it was now leading to the litterbox! Every time I try to be sexy that's the crap that happens! Like flipping my hair then rolling it up in the car window. Driving down the road sucking in my cheeks and the hot guy in the car next to me smiling because he sees my hair hanging out the window....walking into a concrete pole while looking at a cute guy looking at me...backed into a telephone pole get the idea. We had a great night that night, he took me to Capone's a fancy restaurant and put the gift certificate for a spa day in my menu. I'm such a goof I don't even try anymore to be sexy but if I do decide to try again I'm sure I'll have a new story to share! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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